I made something space-y

Now, for a little change of pace, I’d like to share something a little different to my usual rants. When I started this, I knew I wanted to incorporate more than just reviews and I do take care to discuss stuff more independently from time to time. But now I felt like the space theme was the perfect opportunity to introduce another form of content entirely: Art.

I don’t know if I would call myself an artist publicly but I do like to dabble in all kinds of painting – digital or not -, different arts and crafts as well as design and sculpture if given the chance. My main art form is collage art, or mixed media, I guess.

I only do it to make me happy and I am drowning in self-made things I don’t have enough walls for but when inspiration strikes, I make more anyway.

I spaced out and made something

So please enjoy this thing I made. It encompasses all I love about the space theme: galaxies and dark glittery colors, anything-is-possible-scifi, high-tech, aliens, planets, stars and constellations, and above all: the mystery and romanticism of the unknown.

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