My name is Caroline and I’m an overthinker. There, I said it.

I like to think – and consequently talk – too much about the movies I see, the books I read, the places I visit and all the other things I stumble upon. I created this page as an outlet for all of these random thoughts, opinions and reviews.

I hope to create a magazine format which repeats topics and formats monthly with an overall theme to go with every other month. The topics I have chosen for this project are all personal interests of mine and I choose themes and content purely based on interest.

I have a background in media and marketing and studied communication as well as film business. I am currently living in Munich and working in brand communications. I am a German native, have lived in the UK and the US and love to travel the world. I’m definitely a fangirl and love everything from superheroes to wizards, read all kinds books from belletristic to biographies, non-fiction and self-help, watch all kinds of movies and shows except horror and follow topics like fashion, eco- and health-conscious living. I am very creative and always looking for new projects – next to this site I mainly do collages and sketches, write all kinds of nonsense and occasionally dabble in very amateur graphic art.

I would love to hear from you – whether it’s praise, criticism or things to check out. I’ll add an option to do so shortly.


Caroline the Overthinker