Letter from the editor: Space Age

Dear reader,

A new month has started and the age of superheroes has ended. I loved taking you on a journey into their worlds and I will continue to visit them frequently – I feel like a basically have a duty to inform you about superhero happenings at this point. But for now, this is it for the superhero genre.

We are setting our sights on new territory now: Space. 

I am fascinated by all this space, aliens and sci-fi so these next two months will look into nothing less than the universe itself. Realistic and historic space travel – which absolutely terrifies me. Futuristic, high-tech space travel with all the possibilities of not yet possible technologies. Cosmic, comedic space travel with hilarious alien encounters. There are just so many ways in which space can be brought closer to Earth by fiction and I am a sucker for it all. 

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

The creative possibilities of space fiction are endless because we are currently so limited in what we can currently achieve with the real thing – his uninhabitable place might just hold hidden worlds full of wonder that might one day be in our reach. I hope that you will like our journey into the great wide open and that you’ll join me in the sky.

Buckle up and suit up – lift off in 3…2…1…! 

We’re going to space!


Caroline the overthinker 

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