Letter from the editor: The world of superheroes

Dear reader,

welcome to our first theme beyond the introduction. I hope you liked the random mishmash of some of my favorite things. I definitely learned a lot from the last two months – from CV-skills like prioritization and time management to more personal things about my own favorites – choosing and describing pieces makes you think a lot harder about why you like something in the first place.

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

The year is now well under way and it is crazy to me that it is March already – the sun has come back, spring has arrived, Munich is waking up and my allergies are acting up. So far, so good, but what’s better than good? Super! With this really bad joke, let me introduce to you the new bimonthly theme: The world of superheroes!

Are you excited? Because I am. I know that superheroes are a very polarizing topic, especially for people who claim to be film connoisseurs or to have an appreciation for film as an art. I will never understand why people don’t consider things worthy because they are likeable and cherished by the masses, so don’t expect any sympathy for those rolling their eyes at superheroes. 

Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash

Let me also preface this theme with this: I am a certified, die-hard fangirl. I am an expert on superheroes – I even wrote my bachelor thesis on them. And I have good reason to choose this theme right now: Today, Marvel’s first female superhero movie Captain Marvel opens in German theaters – which is a concept I’m very excited about. At the same time, the build-up to it has also shown me how big my personal superhero fatigue is getting. As Captain Marvel is opening at the beginning of this period, another movie will come out just in time to close it: Avengers Endgame – or the most anticipated event in superhero movie history and the culmination of ten years of Marvel movies and the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. This, I am actually truly afraid of. Literal goosebumps when I think about it. 

Anyhow, these following two months will focus heavily on movies and series because I have never gotten into comics but I also have some essays and travel ideas planned. It’s also going to be very Marvel heavy because that’s where my heart is but there will also be DC as well as some “independent” superheroes. There are so many things I want to talk about so let’s get to it. 

Avengers, assemble! 

Caroline the Overthinker

Photo by Gabriel Bassino on Unsplash

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