Letter from the editor – sort of

Dear reader,

Please excuse the lack of posts recently. I’ve caught a cold and was very busy getting rid of it as fast as possible because one of my favorite weeks of the year was fast approaching. I am proud to say I made it in time and am now spending a week literally on top of a mountain. Skiing season is the best and I will surely write about it in a future post. Right now though, the weather has taken a turn for the worse, snow is falling, lifts are closing down and I’m cozied up with hot chocolate – the perfect setting for some creative productivity.

photo by me

You may have also noticed that we are well into February at this point and my initial idea for this space was to follow a kind of theme for a month at a time. Now that the first month has gone by – and very slowly at that – I have a better understanding of the amount of content I can create. I think that any monthly theme would become extremely diluted by the current topics I want to include. This is all about learning by doing, so I will try out a new format idea where I keep the main theme for two months at a time and have at least every other post in line with that theme. So yay, the rest of February is also about getting to know me through my favorites. 

photo by me

By the way, this theme has been way harder than anticipated: I feel a lot of pressure to choose well for the things I present to you as all-time favorites and a lot of them are perfect for future themes that I have planned. And I just deleted a whole paragraph I wrote here explaining myself but then I remembered – I am the overthinker. It’s literally in the title. At least I’m sticking to my brand. 


Caroline – the forgetful overthinker

photo by me

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