An introduction – Letter from the editor

Welcome readers,

I expect you want an explanation. This is The Overthinker’s Guide. I made this website as much for you as I did for me. It will be a place for me to publish my writings and for you to find something new. I have an idea and a plan of what this website is going to be but only time will tell how viable my concepts are. The idea is to give myself a space and an opportunity to put all that overthinking I do anyways to good use. The plan is to offer you a slice of my opinion on things – whether I’m an expert on the topic or not. This space will be filled with reviews, recommendations and original writings on the topics I’m most passionate about. It will include content in the categories Movies/Series, Books, Trends/Blogs/Artists, Eco/Futuristic, Travel, Art and other assorted Short Stories & Essays by yours truly.

Each month will have a theme that ties most of the pieces together – some of them seasonal, all of them of personal interest. This is a chance for me and you to immerse ourselves in new topics for a month and to explore them in different ways. Some of the categories lend themselves to themes better than others so the monthly agendas will not limit the content too much. Think of it as a magazine where most articles relate to the main theme presented on the cover but some are fun little extras.

This month’s theme is “An Introduction”. To start this journey off I want to give you the chance to get to know me through what describes me best – the things that I like most or have been impacted by. This month will be a medley of old favorites of mine that I have always wanted to talk about and new ones that I have just discovered and cannot wait to share.

This space is a work in progress and I appreciate all comments and ideas. I will reveal next month’s theme during this month so you can pitch in if you have something that fits the bill and you think it worth exploring. Since I am a German native, I will try and get a German version of this site up as well where I plan to post mostly same content in a German language version with little nationally, regionally or locally relevant twists here and there. For more information about me check out my About page and never hesitate to drop me a message – I will set up an option to do so shortly.

I hope you will enjoy this space as much as I enjoy creating it.


Caroline the overthinker

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